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Security is a Journey, Not a Destination

Robert is our resident Active Rain expert on all things security. I subscribe to his blog and I thought I'd check out what he wrote today. Another winning post. As usual. Anyone at all interested in anything and everything related to security should subscribe to his blog.

You'll be glad you did!

This title of this post is a security industry axiom. In other words, we can strive for security, and by making this effort we put ourselves on a path to security. But while we may achieve a relative degree of security, we can never be 100% secure. Even Fort Knox is vulnerable.

We can, however, apply strategies that significantly reduce our risk level. One of the best techniques is “layering.” Layers of security make a criminal’s job more difficult by addressing all of the vulnerabilities in your home or office.

A bank, for example, has multiple layers of security. First, consider the perimeter of the building, which is often designed to include large windows, so that passerby or law enforcement can easily see any problems occurring inside. The bank’s doors have locks. Of course, there is an alarm system, which includes panic buttons, glassbreak detectors, and motion sensors. These are all layers, as are security cameras, bulletproof glass, and armed guards. Ideally, tellers and management should have robbery response training. Many banks use dye packs or even GPS to track stolen cash.

Each of these layers is designed to make it harder for a robber to do his job.

All banks have safes, because banks know that a well-constructed safe is the ultimate layer of security. A safe not only makes it extremely difficult for a bank robber to steal the bank’s money, it also protects the cash in the event of a fire.

Consider a layered approach to your home or small business security plan, one that includes a SentrySafe, the last line of defense in your protection strategy.

Robert Siciliano is a Personal and Home Security Expert for SentrySafe discussing Home Security on NBC Boston. Disclosures.

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Security is a Journey, Not a Destination
Robert is our resident ActiveRain expert on all things security. I subscribe to his blog and I thought I'd check out what he wrote today. Another winning post. As usual. Anyone at all interested in anything and everything related to security should… more
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