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Are YOU a Realtor Investor Mentor? Do Realtors need Mentors?

A Realtor Investor Mentor, a great topic to consider.

Good topic, and well expressed in this post. Very well thought out. Investors should be able to choose someone that can work for the investor with a high trust factor.

My interpretation of this is that the investor has to develop confidence and realize that the mentor has the investor's best interest at heart.

This list of criteria is a list that an investor should read and take to heart.

Are You a Realtor who will Mentor a Real Estate Investor? Why would a Real Estate Investor refuse a Mentor's help? Why would a Realtor refuse a Mentor's help?
A mentor can make a big difference. After all, a mentor is often worth their weight in gold (literally!) thanks to experience, education and expertise. So why don't more people take advantage of all that knowledge?  Find out the top reasons real estate investors and others refuse to use a mentor - and how you can make the most of their mistakes!
1. Fear of Failure - It might seem like common sense to use a mentor in order not to fail but for some people, the fear of failure is only outweighed by the fear of public humiliation. They literally cannot stand the thought of letting anyone else know they tried and didn't succeed. Set that aside for just a minute and allow yourself to think objectively about the issue at hand. It's clear - mentors make sense.
2. Cutting Corners - If fear of failure sounds a little silly then the idea of trying to cut corners and save a bit of money by not investing in mentor borders on overt stupidity. There is a very real reason people pay big money for coaching, expertise, networking and the other benefits associated with a top-notch works. In the long run, it not only saves time and money but actually makes money. Learn from the mistakes of others, avoid common pitfalls and start the new year off right by investing in your own success.
3. Fear of Rejection - Nobody likes to be wrong but there is a time and place for everything including constructive criticism. Learn how to accept it gracefully and implement the good advice provided by a knowledgeable mentor.
4. Know-it-All - Some people really assume they know more than the rest of society but reading a few books or downloading a couple videos does not make one an overnight sensation. Like most things in life, practice makes perfect. A good mentor understands how to navigate the market when things go wrong - not when everything goes right and that is usually what separates winners from losers in the long run.
5. Lack of Information - The inability to distinguish a good mentor from a bad one is simple to correct. Don't delay obtaining the very best mentor money can buy simply because you lack the information required to decide. Obtain testimonials, sign-up for free information and dare to compare the results of others that have used a service.
6. Personality Conflicts - Yes, some mentors can be rough at the edges and a few are downright disagreeable but like many experts, ask yourself if you would rather have a new friend or someone with the expertise desired. Seek friendship elsewhere and leave your socializing for outside the portfolio.
7. Feelings of Obligation - Fear of success is a striking condition that causes many people to run the other direction just as things are getting good. Learn how to keep a relationship professional when giving and receiving advice.

Here's to an Awesome 2011

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Are YOU a Realtor Investor Mentor? Do Realtors need Mentors?
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